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CAHAYA 16 Pack Acoustic Panels (Puzzle Style) Soundproof Insulation Panel Sound Absorbing Noise Reduction Pads Sound Reducing Foam for Office Door Walls

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SOUNDPROOFING PANELS: Our Sound Dampening Panels are made from HIGH DENSITY 100% polyester fiber, 300lbs per cubic yard, better Sound Insulation than other soundproofing foam padding! Our acoustic foam panels are sound proofing and flame retardant, odorless, non-toxic, non-slip, corrosion resistant, and fade resistant.

ECHO REDUCTION - The most common problem in large rooms with high ceilings is that of echo. An echo creates multiple wavelengths of retracting sound waves that interfere with the conversations in the room. Acoustic foam panels absorb unwanted sound such as echoes and noise from surrounding areas, making other sounds clearer.

DIY AS YOU WANT: You can mix and match panels to find the exact configuration of colors and shapes that will complete the acoustic wall treatment to your specifications.

FOR DECORATION: Stylish irregular sound panels design as decorative wall art in your favorite space, which allows you to leave countless beautiful memories in a comfortable environment with our sound proof foam panels/sound absorbing panel.

EASY TO INSTALL: Acoustic Foam Panels are lightweight and can be installed to a variety of different surfaces. No special tools are needed for installation. 

Customer Reviews

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These panels do a great job and provide value for a great price

Put up in my apartment to decrease echo and fill some space. Looks pretty good with some work making sure everything lines up properly. Will likely buy more to add some texture to the walls in my bedroom as well.

Works great!

Used these for a quick and easy video room; I dyed half of them and it looks great!

Vanessa Rodriguez
They definitely help.

I use these in my husband's game room. He likes to play pretty loudly, and these have definitely helped to kind of drown out the sound.