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Melodica Double Mouthpieces Tube Sets 32 Key

Melodica Double Mouthpieces Tube Sets 32 Key

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  • Smooth, Responsive Piano Keyboard: You can play chords single notes, sharps and flats just like a piano, though it has a smaller range.
  • Convenient to carry: You can bring it easily take it with you in this zippered carrying case and strap in the melodica.
  • Safe for human: The body is made from ABS non-toxic engineered resin which is healthy and safe.
  • Suitability: For instrumental music instruction, music playing, music learning.
  • Compact Design - With the short mouthpiece, you can slide your hand under the strap and play with the other.
  • Note: the logo may be a little different due to different batches.


  • Size:
    • 32Keys: 16.4 x 4.1 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight:
    • 32Keys: 1.7 pounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robin Ziari
Really nice, well-made melodicas

I have several melodicas, and I think these Cahayas are the best on the market for a beginning-level melodica player! They’re made really well, look extremely nice and seem to have good quality components and reeds. The sound is just as good as brands that cost 2-3 times as much and I haven’t had any issues with it going out of tune. Glad I picked up a couple of these!

Bill Robinson

Melodica Double Mouthpieces Tube Sets 32 Key

Leslie Sanazaro
Great Student Gifts

The melodicas were an absolute hit with my piano students. :-))❤️

Brilliant bit of kit, simplicity of recorder with sound of piano

Excellent sound for little money, 7 year old son loves it.

Eldyne Parsons
Good little keyboard

What else can I say that it works pretty well haha.