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CAHAYA Ukulele 21 Inch Starter Kit

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  • 🎵【Arch-shaped Back】The acoustic design of the uke body, with balanced resonance. The thickness, distance, and curved arc of the wood board make the sound reflection more concentrated and the sound quality more powerful
  • 🎵【Material】High-quality mahogany, giving it a full and powerful mid-bass tone so that the warm tone of mahogany can be fully expressed
  • 🎵【Practical Suit】Includes gig bag, rainbow strap, digital tuner, ideal entry-level package
  • 🎵【Ideal Instrument for Entry】Is suitable for all music lovers who want to try fingerstyle and sing. Also, easy to carry
  • 🎵【A Gift Everyone Loves】An easy-to-learn instrument, suitable for you who is interested in music. It can be an intimate gift for all ages